Apr 11

Recently the visual/spatial learner in me is enjoying the life of a visual blogger using tumblr. Knewd is experimental tumblog aggregates memorable digital breadcrumbs I come across in cyberspace - this is my way of both sharing and archiving bitz i already knewd in a rather naked and open manner.


Tumblr the easiest way to get content on the web I’ve come across. Organising, valuing and automating the metadata/content produced via the traditional inquiry based learning process is still for me currently the most exciting area of ICTs in education.


Very quickly we are seeing metadata becoming hyper-connected content and the ability of users to quickly see this metadata in context. This picture is a snippet from the archive of my scrapbook from the last few months.


I also use Tumblr here to aggregate my web2.0 wanderings - this automated process of organising, valuing and automating the metadata I produce via the traditional inquiry based learning process is for me currently the most exciting area of ICTs in education. The select and organise aspects of inquiry based learning are facilitated by the process of tumblogging even more when you add.

As @dswaters pointed out at the recent ECAWA unconference I am not the most social creature online these days! I do engage with some discussions on email lists and a little bit more lately on Twitter but in general this year I have not really been joining in the dialogue of the blogosphere as much. I have been considering the reasons behind this, and think it is simply that I am so busy with the new job, but most of all I think it’s because if I am going to engage with a discussion I feel I need to really immerse myself in the discussion to have my contributions be of any use.

CommentThis general demeanour leaves me missing out on a fantastic project is going on in the edublogosphere called the 31 day comment challenge. I would love to be part of it but instead I am just going to write about how cool it is instead :-). Sue Waters makes some valuable points here about the fact “that commenting on blogs is a crucial aspect of blogging conversations for achieving the greatest learning,” and this is put in context by an insightful reference to Derek Wenmoth’s diagram The Four C’s of Participation in Online Communities. Maybe I’ll be up for the next one.

My voluntary work on building the new ECAWA website and exciting Community Bookmarking project has taken up more time than expected. This will be an interesting project to watch unfold - currently we are still taking votes to see which social bookmarking tool we will use. The reception at the ECAWA unconference - thanks guys - was a positive one so I hope the wider community sees the value in tapping into and aggregating our collective intelligence.

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Mar 24

While I don’t actually post or comment on Flickr much these days, the stickiness of the site continues to amaze me. I’ve printed Moo cards, set-up groups, made maps, used slideshows, but it’s the simplicity of adding favourites that keep bringing me back. Usually I find these on my favourite aggregator PopURLs by Thomas Marban. I wish I had the talent of some of these photographers…….20080324-F9X2I3M7Fbxtkqsmxjmmt7CatnOne of the most organic social networks I’ve helped mash-up on the web is the Window Seat Please Flickr group. In 2004 I set up this group to join with others who have a love and interest in photos taken outside of plane windows.  This beginning started and continues quite humbly with the following text:

This group aims to collate photos taken from the window seats of aeroplanes. As consumers of window seat airline tickets we are given a special POV on this blue pearl Gaia. 

A wonderful 21C thrill indeed. 

Enjoy your flight. 

Now on March 24 2008 the group has 18,328 photos and 2,792 Members! Since then I’ve purchased the URL http://windowseatplease.com/ and one day I’ll put up some content about the controversial modern day thrill  and process of taking photos out of plane windows, instead of just cloaking the Flickr slideshow loop I have for my own set of photos.  I am sure there are hundreds of ways of using Flickr I haven’t even considered.

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