A selection of bitz you may or may not find useful!

Random Quotes

Barrow of quotesI’ve been collecting a few quotes from some wonderful and active thinkers. These are handy reminders to ideas and concepts I have a strong feelings or opinions about but often struggle to encapsulate in succinct quotes.

Social Bookmarks

Delicious iconOver the last 3 years or so I have been using as a way of archiving, tagging, sharing and making my bookmarks something living and useful.

Video collection

iMovieYouTube brought out a handy custom player some time in mid-2007. It is a useful way of embedding an archive of videos from a playlist into one place.

Public Domain

Creative CommonsA collection of links to public domain images, audio and video for teacher use (and supervised student use). I prefer to recommend those that are covered by the creative commons licensing service.

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