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October 31, 2006

Rememberize - web2.0 flashcard app

Posted in: Web Apps

Example Hiragana testThis is the first flash-card style web2.0 application I have seen. Recently West Australian University graduate Kyle McLuckie invited me to test his new app - Rememberize. It is quite a simple tool (in the vein of 37signals web2.0 apps) for creating and learning sets of cards. The site itself is at http://rememberize.com, and the blog post announcing it can be found at http://blog.rememberize.com.

The main occasion I’ve found flashcards of use was in learning Japanese characters. So I went ahead and created a quick test for the first line of hiragana characters - the vowels. The process is engaging in itself. The simplicity by which one can set-up the quizzes is in this sense another level of the memorisation process. Flashcards are wonderfully suited to learning foreign languages but can be applied to learning specific items in many subjects. Students of all ages could use Rememberize. The collaborative aspects built into Rememberize are unique and further this web2.0 social software trend. Kyle says:

If it’s useful enough, I think it also has the potential of being useful social software – facilitating conversations with those interested in the same subjects. If you have the time or interest, please, have a look at it. If you have any comments, I’d love to hear them.

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