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August 07, 2006

Challenging Australian Education podcasts

Posted in: Professional Development

education.auThere are some informative and challenging podcasts coming out of education.au (”Australia’s leading Information and Communications Technology agency”, provide innovative technology online for education and training). Established in 1996 and funded by all Australian governments, it is a not for profit agency established to meet national education and training priorities.

The following links to podcasts come from the conference titled: “So what’s changed? Technology, expectations, connections and collaboration.” This podcast is a quick pre-conference intro by Garry Putland and is delivered with gusto. Another podcast features audio from the first session of the day given by ABC Radio Nationals, Phillip Adams. This talk was part of education.au limited’s “So what’s changed?” event, held at the Wentworth Sofitel Hotel, Sydney Australia on August 4th, 2006. There is also a fascinating lecture by James Farmer from edublogs.org, the educational blogging service we discussed in last weeks webcast. His podcast features the audio from the talk entitled “Engaging and empowering teachers and learners. What does this mean for pedagogies?”. These are the only three I’ve listened to thus far - fascinating stuff - details of the other podcasts from this cutting edge conference are available to “download to your pod” as Phillip Adams says. More are availbale here.

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