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January 23, 2008

New gig for 2008

Posted in: Identity

In 2008 I have chosen to take up a new position with NextByte - a company I have long admired for it’s professionalism and technology support from a curriculum based perspective.

As Education Manager WA I continue my dedication to helping teachers and administrators find the most solutions for integrating ICTs into classrooms. This role will allow me to develop solutions specific to the needs of schools and learners. Also I will be able continue to provide professional development support to teachers/administrators in a similar manner to that I provided during the SLICT Project in 2007.

On the jobI continue to be passionate that ICT use in schools is/should be accessible to all 21C students and teachers. As an educator I have grown to believe we really do involve with the “digital natives” (Prensky 2004) and allow them the opportunity to move beyond a “rip-mix-burn” ideology to one where they “grip-fix-turn” (Flintoff 2006) this digital information into effective communication. This comes with experience, skills in self-expression and using online technologies with sound critical thinking to help solve the complex issues of our times. Specifically I remain interested in the ways effective integration of ICT into the curriculum can engage and enhance the school experience of the digital natives in our classrooms. At the core of this is the ability of students to communicate, are links to the experience of connectivism the have online at home, but with curriculum focus and sound critical literacy. This is also the heart of Rudd’s education revolution policy.
I look forward to working with OSX on an Intel Mac, as proof of the concept that Windows, Linux and OSX can peacefully co-exist simultaneously on the same machine with speed and ease of use - I believe that in the hands of adept educators this set-up has the potential to save schools money and put some really powerful cross-platform tools into the hands of students. I point this out as Macs are often discounted, but it never ceases to amaze me how simply and quickly staff and students use the iLife suite to communicate their ideas expressively across all learning areas. Music, text, video, sound, and online collaboration at their fingertips - all of these mediums of delivery are centred around communication.

To personally continue my lifelong learning via connectivism, along with my passion for web2.0 and Macs, I will continue to maintain a presence in the conversation online.

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