“Pay Attention” to web2.0 Reflection on free culture
May 15

bloglogo.jpgThis conference may be of interest to those of us who have ventured into Second Life. Looking forward to the ECAWA inworld event this Friday thanks to Yvonne Harrison.

The Second Life Best Practices in Education International Conference will be held on May 25, 2007 in venues all over the Second Life world, with exciting presentations, vendors and exhibitors, and everything an educator needs to know to get started exploring the possibilities for teaching, learning, and research in Second Life.

OrganisersThe event has quite a few sponsors which may or may not be a legitimisation of the events worth. I’m yet to be totally convinced about the merits of Second Life as an educational tool. Perhaps that’s because I personally feel handicapped as a slow typer when I want to communicate. Asynchronous audio would be so much easier. I’ve tried to download SecondTalk to allow use of Skype inworld but haven’t been able to locate the required headset object for my inventory. Anyone got a better idea?

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One Response to “Second Life Best Practices in Education”

  1. Kim Flintoff Says:

    The conference proved to be really interesting - the conference was also webcast at http://SLCN.TV where there is now an archive of the videos.

    It was great to experience the event through multiple channels.

    The inworld voice integration has been delayed a little - but can be experienced in the current BETA release I think.

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