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Mar 10

As interactive white boards gain more traction in the educational technology market is this where we are heading? Jeff Han demonstrates the possibilities in the video below via here - great to see that Google Earth and Wikipedia are included - some logevity in those tools perhaps. The multi-touch display is remarkably like a giant iPhone interface and will keep teachers very fit as they move around. Will students be able to interact from their seats with a Wii like interface communicator?

Jeff Han's demo

Appendix: Tongue was firmly in cheek as I wrote this post.

Update: Thanks go out to my colleague Tanya for putting me onto this more detailed video of the interface as shown by it’s creator Jeff Tan at the TED Conference.

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One Response to “Interfaces in 2012?”

  1. Bryn Jones Says:

    Multi user whiteboards

    From things I saw at BETT this year I’m guessing that multi user whiteboards are quite close. One person working on the board and several others via wireless tablets. The Onfinity IWB already has multi user tablets. http://www.ideal-resources.com.au/_teaching_tablet.php

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