FlipClip: one more for the web2.0 tool-belt Interfaces in 2012?
Jan 29

The big question is - will schools be buying them for Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) access during excursions and outside work? You bet - at least those with money will. It wasn’t until I came across this video, I understood what the web community is so amazed about. Kindy kids will be able to understand and operate that GUI! This montage from Rojo sums the combination up for a visual spatial learners like me:
iPhone new

Unfortunately, being able to access rich media via the school WiFi network changes the boundaries for school ICT resources yet again. With the new wireless capabilities of hubs like AirPort Extreme digital portability enters yet another dimension - can our school infrastructure and systems keep up? This sort of change in expectation displays the need for scaleable network and storage solutions. Instead of portable notebook trolleys will we see racks of iPhones in the library? I’ll check back on this post in 2008 to see where we are at.

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  1. e-Learning Blog » Blog Archiv » iPhones in education Says:

    […] Noch nicht am Markt, aber schon wird darüber nachgedacht, wie wir das iPhone einsetzen können. Grundsätzlich ja ein guter Gedanke, trotzdem scheint es etwas verfrüht, da man erst abzuwarten hat ob das Telefon einen ähnlichen Siegeszug wie der iPod antreten kann. […]

  2. Josh Janssen Says:

    do we know a date for the release of the iphone in australia?
    I can’t wait to sync ical!

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