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Oct 12

I’m having a look today at the Victorian Education Knowledge Bank 2006 Online Conference - October 11-13: Stories from Teaching in the Digital Age. They are using software call Elluminate (which is Java based) to allow attendees to take part online via audio chat, text chat etc - similar to a Skype conference. But it has a lot more features built in and works on Mac and PC. Of particular interest are live desktop sharing, video chat, ‘the ability to put ones had up’, and see a fellow participants profile. I am going to be dramatic now and say this is a groundbreaking leap for professional learning in Australian education. Anyone interested can join up. I’m particularly interested in the use of these tools to provide engaging geographically disparate professional learning. Register here and listen to the introductory welcome here. The Knowledge Bank 2006 Online Conference…

….. explores how education networks are creating and sharing knowledge. The conference features a great line up from school presenters to e-learning experts and covers topics ranging from online competencies to digital literacy, blogging and podcasting.

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One Response to “Victorian Education Knowledge Bank”

  1. Yvonne Harrison Says:

    May I say that being involved in this conference was a great experience. I enjoyed listening to the presenters of all sessions I attended from the comfort of my home office! From the discussions about social networking using Web 2.0 technologies to the examples of work completed in classrooms and online, it was well worth the effort to attend. I look forward to further exploration of the online repositories which were glossed over due to the time factor.

    I think we could probably do something similar here in W.A. once the infrastructure is in place - and most of us have the technology required already! However, it really amazed me how easy it was to set up with Elluminate and a head set! I will put Elluminate on my wish list!

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