Jun 12

Many of you may know this website already, but in case not I wanted to share the Australian Rainforest Maths website by Jenny Eather. It has some of the best online interactive activities I have seen for kindy through to upper primary. Each year level includes the seven mathematics outcomes. One of the strategies promoted in the First Steps Mathematics course is giving students a variety of different learning opportunities to match each aspect. In particular using online activities to provide instantaneous feedback to the child as to whether they have the key understanding or not - if not the child can quickly try another strategy. This is one of the most under-rated bonuses of using interactive activities. It frees up the teacher to provide more guided feedback to students in need of specific assistance. The activities are easily aligned with the key understandings and could also be used as supplemental diagnostic tasks.

The website states that it contains:

“Over 800 interactive mathematics activities for Kindergarten to Year 6 covering the math strands of Number, Number Systems, Operations & Calculations, Strategies & Processes, Patterns & Algebra, Measurement, Space & Geometry, Chance & Probability, Data Analysis and Money.”


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